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Taylors Lead Lounge

Taylors Lead Lounge

Dumpy Pear Leads

Taylors Lead Lounge Dumpy Pear Leads: click to enlarge

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£0.80 - £0.85

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Product Details:

Taylor Lead lounge Dumpy Pear carp fishing lead weight casts almost as far as the Dumpy Distance lead weight, but performs better in tougher conditions – the chunky shape is less affected by cross winds for accurate placement.

Learning the lay of a new lake bed or simply improving your knowledge of your favourite swims will help you catch more fish. The chunky shape of our Dumpy Pear is great for testing out the lake bed and finding that perfect spot. The large, rounded end means you can feel the lead touch bottom far easier than with a pointed one. It can be particularly useful in silt.

The heavy bottom embeds itself into deep silt, hugely increasing the resistance when a carp tries to move off with your rig. Even on gravel beds the condensed shape gives the effect of a far heavier weight, a better bolt effect and more efficient hooking.